Healing Intuitions

30 Minute Therapeutic Massage Treatment                                             $50.00

30 Minute Intuitional Massage + Cupping                                               $65.00

30 Minute Intuitional Massage + Enhanced Cupping                             $70.00

45 Minute Therapeutic Massage Treatment                                             $65.00

45 Minute Intuitional Massage + Cupping                                               $80.00

45 Minute Intuitional Massage + Enhanced Cupping                             $85.00

60 Minute Therapeutic Massage Treatment                                            $75.00

60 Minute Intuitional Massage + Cupping                                               $90.00

60 Minute Intuitional Massage + Enhanced Cupping                             $95.00

75 Minute Therapeutic Massage Treatment                                             $95.00

75 Minute Intuitional Massage + Cupping                                              $110.00

75 Minute Intuitional Massage + Enhanced Cupping                           $115.00                                             

90 Minute Therapeutic Massage Treatment                                           $120.00

90 Minute Intuitional Massage + Cupping                                             $135.00

90 Minute Intuitional Massage + Enhanced Cupping                           $140.00

90 Minute Hot Stone Massage Treatment                                              $140.00

120 Minute Therapeutic Massage Treatment                                         $150.00

120 Minute Intuitional Massage + Cupping                                            $165.00

120 Minute Intuitional Massage + Enhanced Cupping                         $170.00

120 Minute Hot Stone Massage Treatment                                            $170.00

 3 Clay Hydrocollator Heat Packs addition                                           + $15.00

    (Billing Insurance is Applicable)                                                              

 1 Clay Hydrocollator Heat Packs addition                                                  Free     

    (By Request Only, under 'NOTE' when booking)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

*We accept payment by Cash, Cheque, Debit, Credit, E-Transfer, Paypal, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Direct Insurance Billing   


Insurance Coverage


                                       Telus Health e-claims

Primary                                                                                   Secondary

Chambers of Commerce Group                                                 Accerta

CINUP                                                                                    Alberta Blue Cross

ClaimSecure                                                                            Association des policiers provinciaux du Quebec (APPQ)

Cowan                                                                                     Assumption Life

Desjardins Insurance                                                                Automated Benefits Inc.

First Canadian                                                                         Benecaid

Canada Life/Great-West Life                                                  Beneplan Inc.

GroupHEALTH                                                                         Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance

GroupSource                                                                           CINUP

Industrial Alliance                                                                    ClaimSecure

Johnson Inc.                                                                           Co-Operators

Johnston Group Inc.                                                                Commission de la construction du Quebec (CCQ)

Manion                                                                                   Coughlin & Associates

Manulife Financial                                                                   Cowan

Maximum Benefit                                                                    DeltaWare System Inc.

Standard Life                                                                          Desjardins Insurance

Sun Life Financial                                                                   Empire Life

                                                                                             Equitable Life of Canada

                                                                                             Esource Corporation

                                                                                             Excellence Life Insurance Company

                                                                                             FAS Group of Companies

                                                                                             First Canadian

                                                                                            Great-West Life

                                                                                            Green Shield Canada

                                                                                            Groupe Financier AGA Inc.



                                                                                            Industrial Alliance

                                                                                            International Life

                                                                                            Johnson Inc.

                                                                                            Johnston Group Inc.

                                                                                            La Capitale Financial Group

                                                                                            La Survivance Mutual Life Insurance Company

                                                                                            Lee-Power & Associates Inc.


                                                                                            Manitobe Blue Cross

                                                                                            Manulife Financial

                                                                                            Maximum Benefit

                                                                                            MDM Insurance Services Inc.

                                                                                            Medavie Blue Cross


                                                                                            Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB)

                                                                                            Olympia Trust Company

                                                                                            Other Healthcare Insurance Company

                                                                                            Pacific Blue Cross


                                                                                            RWAM Insurance Administrators Inc.

                                                                                            Saskatchewan Blue Cross

                                                                                            SES Benefits

                                                                                            SSQ Financial Group

                                                                                            Standard Life

                                                                                            Sun Life Financial

                                                                                            Syndicat des fonctionnaires municipaux de Montreal (SFMM)

                                                                                            The Benefits Trust

                                                                                            Wawanesa Life








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