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Monthly Referral Rewards

Already a Patient at Healing Intuitions? Then you Qualify...

If you have already seen us at Healing Intuitions, then you can save on precious massage funds, as well as help others that you may know share in a more mobile and pain free lifestyle option through therapeutic massage.  But for this, I will need your help to get the word out.  The referral benefits are listed as follows:

Monthly Referral Program

1st Referral - Save $5 on your next visit
2nd Referral - Save $10 on your next visit
3rd Referral - Free 60 minute massage


To qualify, you must already be a patient of Healing Intuitions Massage Therapy clinic.  The referral program works on a single month basis system, by which your discount depends on the amount of referrals received in that given month. After every month, the program is reset back to the first referral and starts over again.  So please tell your friends, family or work colleagues and we will make your next visit with us a little easier on the wallet, and of course, if you refer 3 new patients in a month, you receive a free 60 minute massage.