Healing Intuitions

Yoga and Exercise Ball Stretches

Yoga and assisted yoga has had a big influence on peoples overall flexibility, injury recovery and athletic abilities for well over a decade now, and it's growing.  If you have yet to have received the benefits through this method of assisted yoga with a yoga ball, then you are surly missing out on it's benefits.  Even using one as a chair can ease lower back and core body pains. Yoga balls can easily be found in the sports section of your local retail stores, athletic shops, and online.




*  Please be sure to consult your local physician and/or healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns of your condition or injuries before attempting to perform these yoga/exercise ball videos on your own.  Healing Intuitions Massage Therapy Clinic takes no responsibility with regards to injury acquired by attempting these exercises on your own, so please utilize these videos at your own risk.