Healing Intuitions

Double Tennis Ball (0:53)

Tennis Ball Rolling Exercises for Chest - Missoula Chiropractor Krieg Tip (1:18)

Self Massage for neck pain (2:30)

Tight Hamstrings? Don't Stretch, Do This Instead (2:41)

The "Secret Spot" To Fix Shoulder Pain (5:30)

Butt and Hip Massage Video With Balls. Self Massage exercise Routine (7:53)

Fix Wrist Pain with this Wrist, Elbow, and Forearm Massage Video (9:02)

Knee Massage Video. Pain Free Knee Routine (10:26)

Help for Tight Calves. BEST Calf Stretching and Massage Routine (12:59)

Lat and Shoulder Self-Massage with Balls. Do It As You View It (13:09)

‚Äč*  Please be sure to consult your local physician and/or healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns of your condition or injuries before attempting to perform these tennis ball therapy videos or website on your own.  Healing Intuitions Massage Therapy Clinic takes no responsibility with regards to injury acquired by attempting these exercises on your own, so please utilize these videos at your own risk.