Healing Intuitions

Here's a great set of self-mobilizing video's based on the workings and teachings of Dr. Michael Rowe (Chiropractor). 

Be sure to read and follow the disclaimer within each video.  I recommend trying these techniques after getting a Massage and/or a few stretches, typically local to your area of concern. 

Try the Standard Stretching, Tennis Ball Pressure Points, Foam Roller and/or the Yoga/Exercise Ball techniques to get your muscles loose enough for better results with these videos.  For more serious/painful conditions, refer to your local certified Chiropractor.  Enjoy!





*  Please be sure to consult your local physician and/or healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns of your condition or injuries before attempting to perform these Self-Mobilization Videos on your own.  Healing Intuitions Massage Therapy Clinic takes no responsibility with regards to injury acquired by attempting these exercises on your own, so please utilize these videos at your own risk.