Healing Intuitions

Intuitional Massage Combination Therapy

What is Intuitional Massage?

    The term 'Intuitional Massage' is a method exclusive to Joey Proznik, RMT.  It is a method which incorporates a combination of Myofascial Release, Shiatsu and Swedish massage techniques within a single treatment session, allowing my technique and the patients muscular reaction to determine which of the three methods, or combination of methods which is most useful for therapeutic healing.

    Sessions typically start with multiple broad compressions using both hands in separate areas to determine linked imbalances, typically between the core and extremities, as well as the differentials between the right and left side. Once the main source of muscular tensions are determined, I then determine which style/styles of massage are most indicated based on initial and successive assessments. 



Since 2005, Joey has utilized these 3 styles of massage and has found his own therapeutic merger between them. With over 3500+ individual patients receiving relief from these methods, we hope you can share in the same healing journey.  Book your Intuitional Massage treatment today, and feel the difference in relief.